What is the hit rate? What is the hit rate?

What is the hit rate?

What is the hit rate in online casino slots? 
The hit rate, also known as hit frequency, is a measure that reflects how often a slot machine is expected to stop on a winning combination. It's expressed as a percentage and indicates the chances of winning on any given spin.


How is the hit rate calculated? 
To calculate the hit rate, you need to know the total number of winning combinations that are possible in the game and the total number of possible combinations overall. The hit rate is the ratio of winning combinations to the total combinations, usually expressed as a percentage.


Does a higher hit rate improve my chances of winning big? 
Not necessarily. A higher hit rate means you may win more often, but it doesn't indicate the size of the winnings. Slots with high hit rates often award smaller prizes, while those with lower hit rates might offer larger payouts less frequently.


Is the hit rate the same as RTP? 
No, the hit rate is not the same as the Return to Player (RTP). RTP refers to the percentage of all wagered money a slot will pay back to players over time, while the hit rate only indicates how often a win occurs, not the amount returned.


Can I find out the hit rate for a slot game? 
Yes, you can find a hit rate for any game on the Casino page in the Game's Info section


Example of How Hit Rate Works 
Imagine you're playing an online slot machine that has a total of 1,000 possible symbol combinations. If there are 100 combinations that result in some kind of win, then the hit rate is calculated as follows:

Winning combinations: 100 
Total combinations: 1,000 
Hit rate:  

With this hit rate, you can expect on average to hit a winning combination 10% of the time you spin the reels. So, if you were to spin the reels 100 times, the hit rate suggests you would win approximately 10 times, although actual results will vary due to the randomness of the games.

Remember that the hit rate does not determine the size of the winnings or the overall profitability of the slot. It is simply a measure of how frequently you might win.